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Legal context


Cannabis products with a THC content of less than 0.2% are not subject to the Narcotics Act and are therefore increasingly used for commercial purposes, especially those containing the non-intoxicating substance CBD.

Cannabis or cannabis products with an average THC level of at least 0.2% are prohibited under the Narcotic Drug Ordinance. However, many cannabis products are not subject to the Narcotic Control Act because they contain less than 0.2% THC. It may also be raw materials (flowers or hemp powder), processed products (extracts in the form of oils or pastes, or ready-to-use products such as food supplements, flowers, liquids for e-cigarettes, tobacco substitutes, scented oils, chewing gums and ointments, sometimes sold as personal care products.
The manufacture and sale of these low-THC products has increased dramatically recently and raises several health and legal issues. Their distribution and advertising is subject to a number of federal laws, namely, according to the category of products and their industrial exploitation: the law on therapeutic products, the law on foodstuffs or law on the safety of products. Swissmedic, the Federal Office of Public Health, the Federal Office for Food Safety and Veterinary Affairs and the Federal Office of Agriculture have prepared a leaflet to inform potential suppliers about the legal framework.

Text from the FOPH.


By buying and consuming our French cbd products distributed by a Swiss company you are in total agreement with the French law on narcotics. The sale and consumption of CBD products is entirely legal and we certify the legal rates on our sealed bags. Our production is analyzed, traced and we assure our customers that our products are NOT NARCOTIC.



Although legal, be careful to respect the Traffic Laws. Prohibition to drive a vehicle if your blood THC level exceeds 1.5MG per liter. In all circumstances, it is best to NOT DRIVE after smoking CBD.



Although legal for consumption by adults, CBD under the Tobacco Act is ILLEGAL for sale and consumption FOR MINORS.



Like all products that cause effects on the body and the nervous system, it is recommended to consume CBD products in moderation.



As CBD-based products have a strong cannabis odor, it is advisable for your peace of mind and that of those around you to consume our products outside public places and if possible in a private setting.



Difficult to distinguish illegal cannabis with high THC, we recommend for your tranquility to consume our products in a private setting. Once you are under the control of the Police, please be sensitive to the work of the police by accepting the control and taking with you the certificate present in the parcel.



We remind you that any smoked product is potentially carcinogenic. When you smoke, your responsibility for your health and that of those around you is engaged.



Although CBD does not contain nicotine and is not researched on addiction patterns, simply blending tobacco and CBD puts you in a possible path of tobacco addiction. Please pay attention to your consumption and your health. We decline all responsibility in terms of health and dependence.

ATTENTION: we guarantee the legality of our products on sealed bags. Anyone who will process the product sold will be directly indicted by our company.

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