Auto Sweet Critical autoflowering marijuana seeds by 00 Seeds Bank have their origins in the cross of a feminized Sweet Critical and a Ruderalis. They are the auto version of one of the tastiest strains of the bank´s collection and therefore just as delicious, but much quicker!

Auto Sweet Critical evolves into a medium-sized, resistant and robust marijuana plant that will offer you great crops of resinous, intensively smelling buds. She can be grown both outdoors and indoors and will be ready to harvest after a short life cycle of 70 days.

Auto Sweet Critical´s aroma and taste is potent combination of intensity – Critical´s heritage – and sweetness. Her effect is strong, physical and relaxing.

Suitable for Indoors and outdoors
Sex Feminized autoflowering
Genotype Indica-dominant
Cross Sweet Critical x Ruderalis
Comprehensive life cycle 65-70 days
Indoor yield 400-450 g/m2
Indoor height 70-90 cm
Outdoor harvest time April-November
Outdoor height 120-140 cm

Auto Sweet Critical 5 seeds

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