Killer Queen XX feminized marijuana seeds by Rare Dankness have their origins in the cross of an Airborne G13 clone and a Cinderella 99. This cannabis strain has real top-notch genes and combines potency, exceptional yields, quality resin, strength and taste.

Killer Queen XX marijuana plants look like dense bushes with lots of branches. They don’t reach too much height but they do get plenty – sometimes very heavy – buds. Therefore, you should use stakes to prevent the branches from breaking.

Killer Queen XX smells and tastes like tropical fruits and cherries, so every puff is like a dip into a cool, sweet tropical sea, accompanied by a potent cheerful effect – a true pleasure! Welcome to a world of mental and sensorial well-being!

Suitable for Indoors and outdoors
Sex Feminized
Cross Airborne G13 clone x female Cinderella 99
Genotype Indica-dominant
Indoor flowering period 56-65 days
Yield Medium-high
Outdoor height Medium/low

Killer Queen XX feminized

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